General Guidelines

People come to Coast & Port to connect with great local restaurants, businesses as well as find events to attend. We expect all users of our website to conduct themselves with honesty and respect. These general guidelines provide a set of rules that set the tone for the types of content you might contribute and conversations that may happen as the result of our website. 

  • Content Relevance: Please make sure your reviews are appropriate for our audience. Reviews should not include content about political ideologies, a business’s employment practices, extraordinary circumstances, or other matters that don’t contribute to a great community experience.
  • Inappropriate Content: Vulgar language and imagery are not tolerated, either are threats, harassment, lewdness or hate speech.
  • Conflicts of Interest: Content contributions and reviews should be unbiased and objective. Please don’t write reviews of your own business or restaurant, your friends’ or relatives’ business, or competitors. It is okay for businesses to ask customers to write reviews.
  • Privacy: Publicizing known private information is forbidden. Please don’t post close-up photos or videos of people permission, and don’t post other full names in reviews to protect privacy.
  • Promotional Content: Unauthorized promotional content is forbidden unless it’s in connection with a Coast & Port advertising product or service. 
  • Intellectual Property: Plagiarism is not tolerated, reviews should be original content only.

Review Guidelines

The best reviews are personal, detailed, and reflect a true consumer experience. They offer helpful tips for other consumers. Here is our guidance for reviewers:

  • Personal Experience: We want to hear firsthand personal experiences. Share your own story without broad generalizations and insults.
  • Accuracy: Reviews should be factually correct although opinions are welcome because that, after all is what a review is. If a factual dispute arises, Coast & Port does not take sides and remains neutral in the conflict.
  • Demanding Payment: It is against our community rules to threaten to post or offer to remove a negative review as a way to extract payment from a business.

Video and Photo Guidelines

Videos and photos should be relevant to the business and reflect an accurate depiction of the consumer experience. If you’re a business, show what your offer and what makes your business unique. Here are our guidelines for posting video photo:

  • Relevant to Everyone: We may remove a video or photo at any time if it isn’t relevant to the business and helpful to other people.
  • Clean and PG: Please do not post images that contain violence, drug use, nudity, near nudity, or suggestive acts.
  • Friendly and Neutral: Photos and videos should not be harmful in nature or used to attack or disparage others.