Increase your exposure to 250,000+ local Wilmington, North Carolina residents looking to find businesses like yours.

Grow your business

  • Actionable insights that enable you really understand your customers and drive business growth.

  • Feedback from actual customer experiences allows you to understand buyer spending and future spending behaviors.

  • Understand how your customers are spending with your competitors and how they are engaging with them.

Feature your business to your customers


Manage Your Online Presence

Utilize your C&P profile and our promotional tools to build a strong online business presence.

Highlight Key Business Products & Services

Show off your best products and services, answering the common questions potential customers will have.

Build Business Credibility

Request reviews and feedback from your customers to establish credibility for your business.

Understand what you can do with C&P business listings

Manage Your Business Listing

Publish a branded listing for your business
We make it easy to build and publish business listings to get immediate exposure to potential customers.

Engage With Customers

Accept and respond to customer reviews and provide tips and tricks on your business.

Expand Your Reach

Reach more customers and grow your business with sponsored listing ads. 

* These tools are only available for C&P business services customers.

How to claim your business listing

  1. Find your business in your directory.
  2. In the top left or right corner of your business page look for a little red megaphone icon and the word “Claim.”
  3. Click “Claim” and complete the form to create a free business account with Coast & Port.
  4. Once our team approves your request you will receive an email.
  5. Take control of your listing and update all the information associated with it.

How to create a new business listing

  1.  You can create a new business, restaurant and event listing for free.
  2. Simply use our Listing Builder to get started.